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Originally posted by 02BlkImp
We are based out of greenwood, SC. We basically got killed, b/c 6 out of the 8 guys on our team werent able to make it, so we had to throw together a team a few days before the tourney. Hopefully we will have our regular lineup back by the MB tourney. The field - not great at all...the ground was like a big rock, the bunkers were very deflated and almost blew over when a small breeze hit them, the nets were flying up, there was only 2 cronographs there, and it was set up so that there were very few good angles on the field. This tournament series seriously needs to take a new look at their refs, b/c many teams including us got screwed over by terrible calls, one costing us the whole game.
Where in Greenwood are you? Half of my team here at Clemson is from that area- one from Pucket's Ferry, one from Ninety Six, and I'm from McCormick. You aren't by any chance one of the guys we met at New Gen's pro shop in Easley a few months back are you?
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