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Blueballer you pretty much got it a hundred percent there are only a few things that i want to mention about the DM4 as opposed to the LED or LCD Matrixes.
1) in the DM4 manual on page 8 i think it talks about where to start your LPR if your using your Hyper 2 you want to turn both your reg and LPR down to zero if your using the Hyper 2 and then turn the LPR up by five turns (this number can vary though depending on the reg your using it took seven turns for my CP). After you get your LPR set properly you should only have to adjust your your reg to increase velocity and you only really need to mess with it again if you lube your LPR or change your reg.
2) Blueballer is right 100% on lube make sure you lube your bolt at least every other practice if you own a DM4 and lube your LPR itself at least every three to four weeks (it comes from the factory pretty well greased) Make sure to cycle your marker a few times after you lube it until it sounds even (you'll know) Just a note: the slick lube that comes with the DM4 seems to dry rather quickly just make sure to lube regularly to keep your bolt running smooth.
3) If your using the stock DM4 chip the ABS is set at like 15 you can disable the ABS and sometimes this prevents FSDO. If your using an XSF or WAS chip you can adjust the ABS. I'm not so sure about the WAS chip but the XSF come with a stock setting of 8 for ABS i had some problems with this you might have to turn it up if your using this chip to 10 or 12. After this my marker shot great i haven't had any FSDO at all.

Following what Blueballer said and the above info should get your DM4 shooting consistent over the chrono giving you pretty solid accuracy.
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