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Propect Paintball

Location: Prospect connecticut store is down the road a few miles

Price: $10 entrance fee for walk ons

Feilds: 4 woods feilds a unltimate air and speedball feild soon to come.

Fills: co2 and up to 4500 psi nitro

rentals: procarbine, tippmann 98's, and shadow semi's rental prices vary for each gun. $5 rental for a camo jumpsuit.

Paint:allstars, proball, marbs , pmi premium, and a bunch of others

website:prospect paintball

review: The feild is under new manegment. The @ new guys that bought it are doing an awsome job at setting up the feild. Nicest woods feilds in ct. We have 3 refs including me. we are active on the feild.

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