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-Leave your carrying bag/case in a certain way. Like put one strap over another, etc. So if someone touches it, odds are they won't remember where the straps were set up. Doesn't help prevent it, but it will help identify when/where you lost ____.

-In any extra jars/cans of paint, write "Chrono Paint" or something to that effect on there. No point in stealing bad paint.

-Dont bring huge amounts of paint. If you only spend a case per day, dont bring out 2-3.

-Just an addition to leaving your stuff with an employee:
Give them like a password or something so no one can just go in there and say "Oh, thats mine." and walk away with it.

-Label EVERYTHING. Label your hopper, label your gloves, label your pods, EVERYTHING.

-When I go, I normally meet an older adult who can be trustworthy. (One even let me use his cell to order pizza)
Place your stuff next to him/her so he/she is able to watch over it for you when you or your friends can not.
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