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Thumbs up One more trigger mod (removable!)

This is another trigger mod which is easier to do. And it's removable if you decide to adjust or change it.

Point A adjusts the forward travel. Point B adjusts the trigger stop.

Point A:
Use a round bead or equivalent and tie it down with dental floss. Tighten it and knot it in place. You may move this carefully forward or back until you get the recocking just right. Fix in place using a little Crazy Glue.

Point B:
First measure about where your hammer fires then use a wooden dowel to fill in the space between your trigger and the frame. You can sand down the dowel until it is just right. Use epoxy to glue the dowel to the frame. Placement is important to minimize stress to the trigger. You want to place it at the 'peak' of the curve. Note the small amount of spacer material on the back of the trigger which mates to the dowel. If, for some reason, you want to get a little more out of the travel, you can put some plastic washers behind the trigger using double-sided tape. Cut a small disk the size of the washer to hold it in place.

The best thing is that you don't need to take the frame off to install it and you can adjust it in the field if necessary. (bring a fingernail file with you on the field!).

Hope this helps someone.

Note: This mod also works fine on the eForce grip. I got my travel down to 1/2 of the stock eForce trig travel. It's even easier on the eForce because the amount of travel to remove is much less; you only need to use a dab of epoxy on point B. Shave it down using a fingernail file. Now the whole travel is about 1mm. !G2 on steroids!.....
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