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Ice Cold DM4

After using slick honey for a while i can tell you that there is no other lube that can possibly compare to this stuff (That and it's extremely cheap). My friend and i tested it on his DM4 by lubing it up and sticking it in his freezer for about a half an hour (i wasn't crazy enough to try it myself). If we were using the Dye slick lube it would probably not even cycle. With the slick honey his DM4 still shot great i was extremely impressed after seeing this stuff in action. If you want to have your DM4 continue to shoot great even in cold weather this stuff is for you. You can use this lube on both your LPR and Bolt and those are the parts that really need the stuff. My friends going to use it on his reg but i would recommend against that continue to use Dow 33 (shocker lube) instead. Mabye after i've seen him test it for a while i might reconsider using this lube for my CP reg. Try other paintball lubes though and see if they are an improvement but trauma's tech recommended this stuff and i can certainly see why you cannot FSDO at all with this stuff if your gun is set right.
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