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mounting a fan on a sheridan prowler (which is also a diablo and gameface skul). anyone interested, pm me for pics.

Tools/Supplies (total cost should be around $20 max)
- 40x40 mm cpu fan
- mini toggle switch
- two 9v connectors
- zip ties
- super glue
- soldering gun & solder
- electrical tape

Installation *I'm Not Responsible for Any Irreversible Damage*
Fan Preparation - place the fan on the top center of the mask & draw an outline. Cut along the outline. Super-glue the front edge of the cut-out piece onto the top front corners of the fan.

Fan mounting - wrap two zip ties around the new square hole in the mask using a few vent holes to form a cradle for the fan. Slip in fan, letting unglued flap cover the zip ties then tuck the flap's back edge under the forehead guard. Should fit real snug.

Switch mounting - the switch has 2 thin nuts and 2 washers. Remove the bottom nut on the switch base & place washers back on. Poke the switch through one of the mask holes next to the fan (twisting it in helps). Screw on top nut. Done.

Battery mounting - wired the connectors to the back of the head strap & used zip ties to secure the batteries. This is temporary, since every time i change the batteries i have to cut the zip ties (the way i have em on the batteries won't be able to slide out).

Later on, i'll look for smaller fans for my profiler. Where can i find cheap 25x25mm fans?

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