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I love my TES.
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Re: Dragun Manuals Are Useless!

Originally posted by wrenchbender
Sorry I don't have an 04 TES. It sounds like they changed the circuit board to add a name function so when it's turned on it shows the owner. My advice is to call Dragun/Odyssey @ 1-866-637-2486, tech support is ext. 112. Let them know you're disappointed in the manual and provide instructions or a refund.

In the mean time I have a friend that sells Dragun products. I'll see if I can get something for you. It probably won't be tonight though.

Personally I wouldn't take the TES manual camping to use for a fire starter. That's how useless it is.

But, that's just my opinion.
If ext 112 doesnt work EXT.109 is also tech support
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