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Business Name: Paintball Charleston

Location: Charleston, SC

Telephone Number: (843)552-1115 Store (843)761-5575 Field Weekends


Registration Fee: $10 if you have your stuff

Rental Equiptment Fee:$15 to play all day plus get the rental stuff

Fill Stations: CO2 and HPA

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:They have a ton of different field paints, pretty much all you could want.

Styles of Play Available: Woods, speedball, plus one interesting woods field called the maze, which has a lot of brush and small trees, good for low-running people.

Comments/Conculsions: I love Paintball Charleston. It's the best field here. It's a fun place to be, the people there are nice, and they have all the paint you will need in every brand you can think of. Great place to spend a saturday. Plus, they are currently moving their field to a nice 70+ acre field, which is pretty big for down here in lower SC!
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