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Action TAGG Big Game Raleigh, NC

Date and Time Sunday , June 13 th

Gates open at 9AM

Orientation starts at 10 AM

Game Starts at 10:30 sharp !!

Scenarios and Objectives

This game will host new scenarios, special missions and objectives. The following is a teaser of some of the stuff you'll encounter.

Special missions

Yellow General Intelligence
At 1330 hours local, an E2C-Hawkeye AWACS airplane was hit with a high altitude SA-3 surface-to-air missile. The location of the downed plane has been determine by a predator drone. The location is deep in woods, near sector Blue Pool. The crew is believed to be KIA.

Mission : Immediately dispatch a contingency of your elite Special Forces Unit to move to and secure the crash site. There, they will recovery the primary communications computer core and transport it to their DMZ. ( there is a very important reason for this but that's all that's being disclosed. You will learn more of this mission June 13 th )

Orange General Intelligence
At 1330 hours local, an enemy airplane flew in to Orange airspace for unknown reasons. It was then engaged and destory by Orange Air Defense units. Forward ground units have reported seeing smoke in the vacinity of the crash site and are awaiting orders.

Mission : Order elements of 2nd Orange Guard to move forward and secure the crash site. Determine if there is any items of interest that can be recovered. If so, have your units report their findings then move the item(s) to their DMZ for further investigation. (more specifics will be revealed June 13 th )

These are just a few examples of the types of missions that you will be challenged with on June 13 th . Other scenarios will include reconnaissance and rescue missions. We will post more information to this site (including the list of objectives) as June 13 th approaches.

Other Logistics - This event will last all day (from 10 am until 4:30 pm) At 4:30 pm we will give out tons of prizes such as posters, paint, field passes, pods, carrying packs, guns (including a Custom 98) and all kinds of other stuff.

Fees the entry fee is $30.00. This includes you ticket to play in the game, ALL DAY AIR and a raffle ticket for prizes (including the grand prize).

Food - Mamas BBQ will be selling the best BBQ around along with chicken, ribs, chili, hamburgers and hotdogs. Mamas was at our last big game and the food was so good they sold out of everything. I've asked them to bring extra food this time.

Drinks Action TAGG will provide Pepsi and Coke products including Gatorade. All drinks will be $1.00 each

Link to there site
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