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Green ReTro MiniMag Full Setup

Minimag w/ ReTro SN GFX10536 (ReTro Number 536)
Original AIR Valve SN MM12159
Original Green AGD Main Rail
KAPP Chrome Vert ASA/Gas-Through Grip
DYE Chrome DOuble Trigger Frame/Trigger
KAPP Green ALum 45 Grip Pannels
Polished Alum PF Plug (for looks, Parabolic for play)
J&J 10" Two Piece w/ Green Front
DYE 10" SS
Taso 8.5" Nickle Plated
J&J 8" Hardchrome
AGD Warp Clear
12volt Clear Revolution (old style, original board)
AA 114/3000 Armageddon SN A4879 (used remote)

Not used very often, but fun to have around:
AA Wispering Death CO2 Expansion (just in case)
AutoResponse 45 Trigger Frame (w/ Clear DYE Stickies)

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