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Just did my own version of a trigger job, on the piranhas mech, plastic trigger frame. 2mm pull, maybe even less!!! I cant post pics, but if you want me to explain, then ill try.
"this is my favorite story, one time a group of kids with cockers and impys were mad cuz i was dominating so we decided to play all vrs me. Well the game started and it was 7-1 so i quickly ran to about 1/4 the way down the feild and lay down and set up my bipods. I looked down my scope and saw 2 of them making their way to the bunker towards the middle.

"I pulled the trigger and got one out he couldn't figure out what happened the other guy looked around and asked what happened cuz the guns so quiet they didn't know i had shot. I shot the other and then did the same thing to the other 4 and ended up barrel tagging the last guy as he was cowering in fear in a bunker. this gun made shots from 300 feet away dead on.

"kids think the pump is gonna suck but it is the best gun ever. like a real firearm" - snipinbladelove

The most horribly made-up story I have ever heard
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