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This is a true story about the boys in blue.
Me and some buddies just got jack in the box around 9:30 pm we were gonna go to a friends party. Well we went and parked behind a building to eat it was the day after Halloween we were in Oside California. Well the next thing we know a brite lite flashes on the car. Through a speaker phone 2 police tell us to put our hands in the air. After they call for backup (don't know y just 3 17 year olds.)
they take us out of the car and put us in handcuffs when we asked y were in handcuffs they said that the building we were parked at had been broken in twice in the last month. Well they searched our car remember it was the nite after Halloween well they found my friends Mask and Black robe on the floor and a glock airsoft gun, They are really fun espically with 6mm pballs anyways it was obviously pretty damnable evidence so they talked to us and said that the building is constantly robbed and give us all this crap. We told them who we were and that we didn't do anything wrong. I guess they believed us and they gave us 2 options 1.) they keep the Airsoft gun and let us go. Or they call our parents and take us downtown till they arrive. Needless to say we gave the gun up in a hurry. After this incident i never liked the police, I respect them but i don't have a burning desire to meet another 1.

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