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Tips from Rich...

Ok campers, here are some good tips from Rich!! Some of the readers on my website like my tips, so here they are!

1. Be smart, don't leave a crook opportunity
2. Call the cops and alert people to the theft
3. See #1
4. Cash

Ok, to elaborate....
To make sure your stuff is safe, keep it locked whenever possible. Record your marker numbers or make a serial number on it if you have to, but those CAN be ground off, and a pro thief will recognize that and do that to cover his butt. Try and hide a serial number someplace they wont think to look (maybe on the feedneck screw in part or something). No ALL crooks are dumb. The ones that get away with theft are smart. More often than not, victims can be just as dumb as the crooks!

Write down the serial numbers, and keep it someplace safe you can get at and prove it is yours. Not only is this good for theft, but for fire, tornado, etc. If your marker is stolen, the police will want to know a serial number if possible.

As for insurance, I am an agent (WI), so I can maybe help there. A Paintball gun would fall under your "personal property" coverage, after your deductible. Because of high premiums, many people are going with a $500-$1000 deductible, but that doesnt mean you automatically have that. Some people have as low of deductibles as $100 in our agency. You don't WANT to file a claim. So, only do it if it is a serious finicial problem to you. You could see premium increases, or even get your home cancelled from insurance for too many claims! (another reason for high deductibles).

There are sometimes options to specifically list the marker (probably $20-$40 premium) to help get around the deductible and offer better coverages (like possibly breakage if you're lucky), but I don't know that is an option for everyone.

Personally, I purchased a "Head" brand tennis bag, that holds 2 rackets, and I put some padding in the case to protect the markers, and it holds both my main and backup with a 88cu tank very safely and easy to carry. However, this also makes it easy to walk off with, so I always keep it locked in my auto, unless there is a VERY small crowd at the field for the day, and I'm close to it all day.

Also, if you're ripped off, CALL THE POLICE!!! Their job is to handle crime, and if they do a poor job, at least let them be bad at it, don't just do nothing, and let a crook get away. They might recover your stuff with other stolen goods sometime later, and then they can return it to you and convict the criminals.

Most theft occurs when you don't expect it, but you can get scammed much more easily if you are not smart. This is a PARTICULAR place to be careful!

I received a mailing letter from another website that said this kid has his marker stolen, because he sold it on Ebay, and shipped it after receiving a personal check, not waiting 2 weeks for it to clear. The account was closed. So, he complained to a website. WRONG WAY TO DO IT!!! (it was a stolen checkbook, closed months ago)

First, you contact the sheriff department in the city you shipped it to RIGHT away. This is fraudulent behavior, and is ILLEGAL!!! Report it to the cops, let them check into it. I'm not sure, but if the equipment is more expensive, you can start to get even more serious penalties. Then, remember and reverse phone lookups (and even address if you play with it some). Anyway, it will help you find the police where you shipped it to, to try and catch the crooks.

When every you buy/sell equipment, remember that Cash is your friend as a seller, and your enemy as a buyer. Money Orders and Cashiers Checks work great, and they are not easy to scam with (as easy anyway). Make the guy come to the bank with you to deposit the check otherwise. They'll validate the account has the money right there for you. DON'T go down some dark alley with $1000 in cash or equipment, that is DUMB (refer to point #1 above!)

Also, Ebay is an easy place to scam people. Work with Ebay's suggested escrow service (only) if you have doubts.

Last but not least, Hydrotest your tanks!! Who cares about a $1000 marker when someone gets their head bashed in by an exploding tank?!!! Whether you have CO2 or HPA, 3 years on carbon fiber tanks, and 5 years on steel tanks, it costs $20 bucks and you can keep using your tank. I can't stress the importance. Also, due to issues with CO2 tanks, it is good to mark the tank and brass valve with paint or nail polish so that if you accidently start to unscrew the tank assembly instead of the tank from the marker, you realize it and don't hurt anyone!!! Just think of a ballon airing out, and then think of doing that with steel at 3000 psi!! It is no joke!
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