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One other thing, is consider Employee Theft. Employees are much more likely to see you as a mark than other customers frequenting a business, and probably more likely to know the value of equipment.

As a story, my bro went golfing at a very nice resort in Florida. They got to hole #1, and realized that they ALL were missing their cheap Sand Wedges (the expensive one for a player was left). They had to "check" the bags to the course employees when they arrived.

When it was brought to the attention of the club house, they were basically told "tough $#***" and the club house became VERY defensive. At the time they were mad, and not prepared.

The BEST thing to do right then is get the good 'ole Red and Blues flashing at the course. You better believe that would get some attention. The crooks purposely stole the cheap clubs, knowing that the victims (my bro and friends) would not do anything about it over $20 clubs, but by stealing more expensive clubs, or more important clubs (like drivers) they would have gotten a more serious complaint.

Get the Cops whenever anything isn't right. Having a guy in a uniform with a badge and a gun changes everything, and it shows you won't take crap. If you get kicked off the field, call the cops from accross the road. They'll escort you back onto the property to resove an issue if there is a reason to.

That same stuff applies to Paintball 100%!!!!
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