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Vforce Rental/Standard

Well I modified my vforce rental. I know you all are asking why? It's like polishing a turd.

Well I was bored and needed something to do..


1 - SPST Lighted Switch ($4.00 - Radio Shack)
2 - 12vdc Brushless fan (2x $12 - Radio Shack)
3 - Heavy Duty 9v battery connection ($3 for a pack of 5)
4 - Rechargeable battery (Already had put normally go for $12)

What I like about this is that the switch lights up when it's on and it's surface mounted, I don't need to worry about a stray ball knocking the switch and turning it off.

Problems though, the room in the mask is tight so you need to be careful where you place the fans.

I put one at the mouth piece to help as a cooling factor, and the second above the lens. I had to trim the mask about to get it to fit, I had to remove 2 center connections from the visor and remove the vforce emblem from the grill above the lens, which involved cutting the grill.

If you do this mod, I would recommend removing the lens as it can get damaged if you leave it on.

I had to drill 5 holes in the mask. 1 hole for the switch, and 4 holes for zip ties to hold the battery in.

Let me know your thoughts. On average it took me about 45 min. to do all this.
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