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Awesome buyer. Courteous, friendly, paid on time, and we an all around pleasure to work with. Definitely trade with this player.

Gold to black Joy Division Angel A4 Fly, Lazer Eyez, Yellow Reloader B, 04 MacDev Conquest, CP 2 Piece, CP Grip Reg, Evolve Lite Kit, Master Tech Valve, Master Tech Trigger, Custom Yellow Breech Knob - Pic
Blue Karta AutoMag, X-valve, Lv 10, ULT kit, Intelliframe, 03 stickies, Freak Kit, Reloader B, Rogue Strangler neck, gas through LCD Mini-Reg, CP rail, CP On/Off, Nitroduck X-Stream - Pic
WDP Black Dust Angel Speed, WS Backplate, Soft Face bolt, Cobra Fang Trigger, Master Tech Volumizer, Force Snatch Grip, Adrenaline Breech Knob, Ultralite, Halo B, 02 MacDev Conquest - Pic
Blue/Black Acid Freeflow Boxxer cocker, Nexus Ram, Eclipse QEVs, Belsales Hollowpoint, WGP Tickler, Freeflow Valve, WGP Hinge Frame, Shocktech Beaver Tail, CP Grip Reg, CP 2 Piece, Reloader B, Centerflag Hyperflow 201 - Pic - FOR SALE!

DBMArmy"Da Budget Men"
NWDP - We Are Cooler Than YouN

What a good laugh this is!

Originally posted by Tipp98WhisperEx
Jeez, Rob didn't even let the poor kid take his barrel plug out.
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