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omg i cant believe am replying to this but ... i live next door to a cop and he paintballs and so does his 2 brothers they have like a big house and a good 15-18 acres of land and like since am only 12 i cant particapte in the real gun shooting tounreys they have , they do that thing where a machine throws plates into the air and you have too shoot them its amazing how they got so good accuarcy there sponresed (SP) by Winchester and thats cool. But anyway they shoot really nice timmys and gave me a flatline barrel for my A-5 for my birthday since my dad knows them really well .. he setup a speedball field on like 2 acres and i always play there and he doesnt mind me bringing over my freinds to play there its netted and everything so he doesnt really care Since hes a cop does that count as a cop encounter
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