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Bob Long 2002 Intimidator
Polished Red with Black Accents

Come With:

- WAS Switch Installed
- PBX Stick Trigger (Black)
- Redz Barrel Condom (Red)
- Bob Long Longshot Barrel (Black)
- 12v Revvy with X-Board (Black)
- Small Drop Forward with On/Off Valve (Black)
- Comes with the Original Trigger and Micro Switch
- SOB Board (I know, I know...)

This condition of this gun is flawless. Not one scratch can be seen on the body of the timmy, anywhere. However, underneath the Ram cap, there are a few scratches, but, they are covered by the cap. These are from an adjustable ram cap I had on it.

Then, what if I include:
- Full Freak Kit
- Matching Red Freak Front (12 Teardrop Porting)
- Stainless Steel Freak Back

And, if I also include:
- 68/3000 ACI Bulldog II Compressed Air Tank (2002)
- (Red) 68ci Redz Tank Cover

Price Estimate?
- Matt
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