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Not so much related to p-ball, but here we go:

Anyway, I don't drink, but I was at a party with drinking. We were out in a big field, and it was dark outside, the only light being a fire.
Well, I see three guys with guns running at me. They didn't announce that they were cops, so I ran like hell to my car. Well, I switch on my lights and get ready to get the hell out of there, but the three gunmen walk into the light.
Oh, good, they are cops. I get back out of the car, and I start to explain what I thought...Next thing I know my face makes hard contact with the hood of my car. There is still a rather visible dent to this day.
Well, my lip is bleeding now, and I can't stop sneezing. Ya know how you sneeze, when you get hit in the nose?
Well, these fine officers assume that I was doing something illegal, because A.) I'm sneezing B.) I'm kinda disoriented from being hit in the head. Well, I tell them that I would gladly submit to a breatholizer, and any other test they would like to conduct.(Obviously, I'm in cuffs by now)
Well, I take their breatholizer: 0.0% of course. Well, they realize that I was doing nothing illegal, so they start to talk about me resisting arrest, by fleeing, or something like that.
I bring up that they didn't annouce that they were police officers, and that they assaulted me.
They decided not to press charges(and neither did I), but they did make me ferry drunk kids home all night. I think they decided that this event stay off the records for their sake.
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