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Lightbulb wookie's rec stragitys

where me and my dad, brother go paintball, we have large rocks to take cover. well my dad found a cave like thing and just sits. I like using this stratigy (sorry about the spelling). When my friend play's though, he barges in and go's crazy usually being the first one out.

The best, or the stratigy that works good for me is to stay low, watch where you step (or be quite), and dont fire as soon as you see some on. distact them throw a rock and distract them then move forward and make your move.

Snipers can be taken out by grenades or being sniped. so iff snipeing look for a place where the enemy couldn't see you and where it would be difficult to throw a grenade and get you. make sure you watch your back unless you have good cover. the last thing you want is to shot pointblank and letting the enemy walk up to you as a sniper.
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