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Join Date: Nov 2001
Location: SC
Business Name:
SportsmanOutdoorWorld (SOW)

Sumter, South Carolina

Telephone Number:

None Yet

Registration Fee:
None that I know of.

Rental Equiptment Fee:
I don't rent, so I don't know. 10-15 dollars?

Fill Stations:
CO2 only NO2 soon to come. C02 usually filled free.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:
$65 a case for PowerBall Field paint ONLY!

Styles of Play Available:
Speed Ball,Scenerio,Flag, Tower Games, Anything you want.

This field is pretty awesome. Lots of land for endless possibilities. These guys are very dedicated too. They do a good job of providing food and drinks as well. I recommend this field to any and everyone looking to play PB.
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