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Alright, here's the scoop on my marker.

This bad boy is the first picture I took of my marker. I originally bought it with the Flatline Barrel. Couple weeks later I bought a Double Trigger. Soon after I coerced a friend into letting me use their stock cocker regulator since I didn't have one. I added some nasty green macro and poof it is what it is. Ugly if you ask me. I also bought the 240 Round APP Hopper which is ugly but hey, it's useful (more time I can go without reloading) and I bought a Flatline (APP) Barrel cover.

The big changes happened in late December or 2003, where it changed to what it appears to be now:

Took of the stock cocker reg, slapped on an ergo. Moved the reg to the location of the front grip via Dead On's Vertical Adapter (Bought before LP Kit was even thought of). Bought J and J 45 Aluminum Grip frame, Paintball Pins' "The Skulls" grip covers, WGP Torpedo Drop and an MP5 stock. So, basically, it went through a major growth spurt.

Then to where it was 1 month ago (no new pictures taken since then), the same ones you saw in the Best Looking Overall Tippmann Marker Contest!:

You can see the rest of the pictures in the picture contest thread.

There I took of the WGP Torpedo drop, funny part about this was I messed up. I thought the Check-It Products Uni-mount would attach to the same spot as the On/Off area of the Torpedo drop. So I would have just swapped it. Well didn't work that way. So I had to go and buy a CP Razor Drop for $20 and the Uni cost $35, so you're looking at a $50+ drop.

Then I added the coveted Sling Mod for the Tippmann A-5 to add a little more customization to my marker, because I didn't have enough before.

Here I added the best regular, well 2nd best to some next to the MaxFlo, the Male Palmer's Stabilizer. Also you'll see a stock that you probably haven't seen before. That baby is the AK-47 Folding Stock from Engler Paintball Guns from Eric Engler himself:

Other Pictures: 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Just when you guys though there was nothing else to add I go and find something else. As you can tell my marker has been Powder Coated by Joey's Powder Coating but as of now the site is down. It's Black Smoke Chrome faded from the back to Super Mirror Black in the front:

Another Shot of the PC

Then, just for kicks I put on my Karnivor Kaner Kit, well one barrel of the kit at least, and took a picture. Only realizing that I have never taken a picture without the Flatline Barrel on. Anyway here's just another configuration:

Enjoy and I'm glad to see this thread taking off.

Oh, and no "Place Holding", like Tura said. I only did that to hold the #1 spot, after all it's only fair; I made the dang thread! Plus my picture hosting site was down. So if you've held your spot please delete it as it has broken up the consistancy of some other members' posts and trust me, you don't want to be in between those two montrosities.
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