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Smile Upcoming Scenario Games Schedule

Use this thread to post information about upcoming scenario games. You should include where, when, and a link if they have one.

Also, use this to say if you will be attending a particular scenario event. I will edit the list of attendees in the original post. Just post saying which one you will be attending, and I'll edit you in and delete the new post. Hopefully this should make it easy to find any information you are looking for.

To make things even easier, here is a template:

Place the state and date in the subject box.


Who's coming:

Any threads made that contain content that should be in this thread will be merged without notice.

**EDIT - A few weeks after the game, the post will be deleted. No reason to clutter it up.

**EDIT2 - I am making a little policy change. Please place the state and date in the subject box. Also, your post should contain the Name, Place (field, city, state), and Website. (or other contact info) Please keep all of this near the top and neat. You may include anything else if you like, but keep everything important at top. Don't just include a link or just copy the website's content. Please make this easier for other people to find the info.
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