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Originally posted by Tactical Taco
In REALITY. A Y board will feed no more than 15

A halo B will feed 23

Z Board egg will feed about 18-19

And thats a fact.

it's a fact huh?

wierd....explain why my eggy with Y BOARD yes Y BOARD was feeding 18 bps on a matrix OVER the crono.

It honestly depends on the board you had, some y boards seem to be slower than others, I happened to get a nice y board.

There is also a video somewhere showing a Y BOARD on an Angel Speed shooting 21 bps without intellifeed. So it really depends on what was happening with the board/batteries.

Halos' batteries suck after what seems like no time at all, and need replaced even before they're dead or speed dramatically decreases, whereas the Eggy's batteries can be around halfway dead and be feeding normal speed.
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