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Craig Palmer's personal 'gun. Hybrid of Typhoon and Stroker. Built from scratch (like Typhoon), but used several Sheridan/Crosman parts. Somewhat similar to Classic Typhoon. Not produced for sale to public. Nickel-plated brass body.

Trigger Rod
Brass rod connected to the rear of trigger used to push the Bellcrank inside the trigger frame. Only on Palmer semi-automatic 'guns.

Velocity adjusting mechanism at rear of lower receiver to control main-spring tension. Adjusted with 3/16" or 5/64" (only on Back-Bottle versions) Allen (HEX) wrench.

One of Palmer's semi-automatic 'guns. Built from scratch only. Nickel-plated brass body.

System on some Palmer pump- and semi-automatic 'guns for faster bolt-removal.

See "Universal Mounting Bracket"

Universal Mounting Bracket
Needed to install gun stock or bottom-line kit on all Sheridan grip frames. Sheridan frames are too thin and at an awkward angle not suitable for a gun stock or bottom-line.

Component of 'gun hit by Hammer to open. Opening allows gas to flow in and fire 'gun.

Valve Stem
Part of Valve hit by Hammer. Small rod protruding from valve.

VL 2002
Viewloader motorized-loader modified to activate when trigger is pulled. Not from Palmer's Pursuit Shop.

One of Palmer's metal gun stocks. Can attach to the bottom of Sheridan (Palmer) grip/trigger frames without the use of a UMB. Shaped like a triangle or wedge.

Cup-like area on Palmer 'guns on the inside of every barrel. Prevents paintballs to roll out of the barrel prematurely. "Controlled dents."

This was worte by: David Lin
Date: February 3rd 1999
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