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Originally posted by mickvick302
Business Name: Ultimate Paintball, Inc

Location: Canton, Ga

Telephone Number: Phone 770-345-1356
FAX 770-345-1582


Registration Fee: $10.00

Rental Equiptment Fee: $30.00(comes with: Tippman 98, mask, 500 paintballs, all day air, field fee)

Fill Stations: $1.00 per 1k PSI, $3.00 for CO2 under 20 Ounce, $4.00 for 20 Ounce and over

Fields Paint Available/ Fee:
$70/case of 2000 or $20.00/bag of 500(the best balls)
$60/case of 2000 or $17.50/bag of 500 (average balls)
$50/case of 2000 or $15.00/bag of 500 (the worst balls, they arent that bad though)

Styles of Play Available: 2 SPOOL FIELDS (3-5 man teams),
1 HYPERBALL FIELD (10 man teams)
1 ULTIMATE AIR FIELD (3-5 man teams) (2nd under construction)
1 Theme Field
1 "MOUNDS" Field
1 X-Ball on the way!

Comments/Conculsions: this place is awesome( except for a couple snotty refs...outa like 7) it has a bunch of nice people at the store, its fields are awesome, its rentals are awesome.....if u want a private group ask them if u can get the little kid ref, or the old man ref(they are the best ones)

Only thing I gotta say about Ultimate is that the Ultimate Kids (and some of Team Ultimate) will get on the field and almost ruin the game for you. They won't play apart from each other and will play you 3 on 6 with basically an unlimited paint buget from the store. It's fun playing with Team Ultimate because they're actually good, but the Ultimate Kids mostly just sling paint your way and use accuracy by volume. Other than that, it's a great speedball place.
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