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Originally posted by jiujitsufighter
I dont see how they can be dead after just two days. I know a couple of games I havent even really used all that many balls. Anyway this guy who used a egg said he was able to get more bounce with it than he did with his halo. Next time he gets on here I will get him to tell you.
If your'e not shooting it doesn't drain the batteries much.

I always turn my Halo off after the game and everything, my batteries died on the 3rd day after I had them in and I played 6 games in denver, let someone use my halo another game, played 15 the other and then they were dead.

And I was shooting around a hopper and a pod or two in all those games except denver I was breaking into my 3rd or 4th pod sometimes.

And the batteries died.

I'd be willing to bet that I probably shot 10000-15000 balls in that period of time though, cronoing and such having fun just shooting.

Also bounce I want to know how he's getting more bounce.

Maybe he means bounces? off the shell? Because that would make sense a little, even though when I had my eggy I only had like 2 bounces ever and that was lucky at best.
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