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Originally posted by jiujitsufighter
Ok first off I got my Halo-B for $80. As far as bps over the chrono that is like a 3 or 4 shot bps not a hopper full. Everyone I know uses a halo-b. I know the people that tried the ev said they get more bounce with it but other than that it is about it. Never had any problems with dark colored paint. And i do love to use dark Blue...never seen solid black though. I dont know how you cant tell how much paint your pooring in a hopper because you are sitting there lookign at it. And dont give me that crap abotu your sitting there watching the other guy. because it doesnt take that long to fill up your hopper. Besides if you are that worried about spilling it just put half a pod in there and shoot some and then throw the other half in there.

Learn to aim and you wont run out of paint so quickly.
Learn to aim? Play tourney ball.

Look at the most successful teams in the world. Dynasty for all you guys...

They don't stop shooting until the game is over. You don't wait to shoot until you see someone, that's what woodsball is about... and if you use a HALO-B in woodsball, then you're really not into woodsball at all (or you like overkill).

You may not have "problems" with dark paint in your HALO... you don't know -- you just know that it feeds paint. The HALO uses a reflective sensor to not only "see" if there is paint in the breech, but it also senses movement. With dark paint, it doesn't detect movement as well, thus it feeds slower.

Originally posted by chibissj
I'd be willing to bet that I probably shot 10000-15000 balls in that period of time though, cronoing and such having fun just shooting.
You went through 5-8 cases of paint doing nothing but chronoing? You wasted all that paint without practicing, or doing drills?

Do you not have a team to practice with? or do you not enjoy practicing?
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