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Official ICD B/S/T Thread: Read Rules Before Posting!

ok, thanks to Caleb for being nice enough to let us give this a try. This is the ICD B/S/T thread. Here are some rules to follow. If these rules are not followed then Caleb may delete any offending posts, and he has said that further offenses may result in the closing of this thread, so PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES!

1. Post ads for ICD-related stuff only. This includes ICD guns, aftermarket parts for ICD guns (Chaos Boards, valves, etc.), other ICD products such as T-shirts, stickers, ICD drop-fowards, etc, and ICD threaded barrels and feednecks. If you are selling an ICD gun with a tank or hopper or other non-ICD accessories included with the gun, that is allowed. Defiants are pretty much considered ICD guns, so you may post ads for them here.

2. No WTB posts. Ads only. If you have an ad in the PBR B/S/T forum that meets the guidelines of rule #1, you may simply provide a link to it to save yourself the trouble of having to type a second ad here.

3. No question or offer posts. If you have a question or an offer for a seller, keep it to PMs, emails, and AIM. This is so as not to clutter the thread. Posts that violate this rule may be deleted. Also, no questions about appraisals, etc.

4. If you post an ad for a gun or anything else, please post the details about it. What upgrades does it have, what is included, etc. Nobody will buy your stuff if they don't know what you have.

Sorry we have to be strict, but we want this B/S/T thread to be around for awhile, so that means we have to follow the guidelines.

Start sellin!
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