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Originally posted by BourneKiller

You went through 5-8 cases of paint doing nothing but chronoing? You wasted all that paint without practicing, or doing drills?

Do you not have a team to practice with? or do you not enjoy practicing?
Actually I was doing a little something called playing games as well. Most tournament players tend to play in a game every once in a while..

I played the two days in Denver and one more day and on the last day of Denver in the third game I was out of battery power.

The first day I used my halo I shot about a case in a half.

The second day I played I shot probably 3 cases.

And the last day I probably shot 2 and a half cases.

So that's about 7 cases of paint and the batteries were zapped.

Also a thing on halos is that the battery pack has to be in exactly right or the battery lid won't even go back on correctly.
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