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my local field

chaos paintball fields is the closest field to me even though its still like 20 minutes away. I HATE how you have to buy paint there unless you go on Bring Your Own Paint Days, which is the first weekend of every month. But I guess it's a pretty good field. They're adding like two or three new fileds there that sound pretty sweet. But there's a lot of new land in my backyard now since some construction workers are clearing it out back there, so I'm gonna make my own paintball field and it's gonna be big, and it's gonna be sweet. (no admission fee, use any paint you want, WHEN you want)
My dream setup:

1) Blue Diablo Mongoose LCD
2) Smart Parts Teardrop 14"
3) Viewloader Egg 2
5) Custom Products Flame 2in Drop Forward.
6) Shocktech SuperFly Top Cocking Bolt
7) Black S.P. Sticky 3's

My dream mask:

1) Either a V-force Morph or Profile

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