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Originally posted by The Kampfer
Battle Grips
Grips that come stock with all Palmer 'guns with Sheridan (Palmer) grip/trigger frames. (Blazers have "PPS Grips".)
i thought these were out of production
Barrel that has been precision tuned by Palmer's Pursuit Shop. Comes standard on all Palmer 'guns except Blazers. Blazer barrels can be matched also at an additional cost.
you could go on more to explain palmers theory about matching the barrel with the valve of the gun
-ULE Exile Body
--Strangler Neck, Rebuildable Detent
-ULE Splinter Rail and X valve
-Empire Reloader
-05 WGP Kaner Kit

PGP 2002
-Cooper T Nasty Pump
-Cooper T Delrin Bolt
-PPS Battle Grips
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