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Valve Removal/Installation

Materials needed- strap wrench, 7/64 allen wrench, 3/16 allen wrench, allen wrench for asa (stock ASA - 5/16" allen key; Zeni ASA - 1/4" allen key), and a pencil(or anything that is long and isnt metal so it cant scratch the valve.)

Step 1: Get everything set and ready to go.

Step 2: Remove the hose and take off the HPR.

Step 3: Then take off the asa. Stock ASA - 5/16" allen key; Zeni ASA - 1/4" allen key

Step 4: Using a strap wrench, take off the LPR. Following the LPR, would be the valve spring and then the valve stem.

Step 5: Now remove the ram.

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