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Talking Piranha Evo Upgrades

As a new Evo Owner and newer paintball player ( May 04) I would like to say THANKS to everybody who is giving info. This really helps me and everybody else out a ton. Ok..I bought a brand new Blue-Black Fade Piranha Evo about two weeks ago. I would like to know if you have to physically remove the grip frame to replace the actual trigger with the BOSS Trigger? Everything for right now is stock on my gun except for a PMI Razzor 14" barrel. I really love this sport and play at Paintball Sams in Wisconsin. I am one of the older players out on the field and love giving everybody a run for the money " I have captured the flag twice now". Again thanks for all this info. I am hoping the Boss trigger will give me a bit more shots for the money.. still trying to learn how to WALK the trigger and cannot seem to get the stock trigger going very fast. I was an M-60 gunner in the Army.. walked that pretty good in Grenada
Thanks again for all the posts.. I check and read these boards every night.

2004 Blue-Black Fade Piranha Evo
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16" 32 Degrees Terminator Barrel
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Boss Trigger
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