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MacDev Sonic LPR Cleaning Guide

Materials needed- Strap wrench, needle nose pliers, rag/napkin, and lube.

Step 1: Remove the LPR from the marker using a strap wrench. The valve spring a valve stem will follow but you can just put it aside for now.

Step 2: Now unscrew the cover/cap off the LPR. then unscrew the adjuster and a spring will come out behind it.

Step 3: Using a needle nosed plier with a rag or napkin over the piston (so you won't scratch the piston) pull put the piston by grabbing onto the little nub. Then wipe off the lube.

Step 4: Apply a thin layer of lube on the piston's o-rings and install the piston back in. Push the piston in and out to make sure the piston is sliding evenly and smoothly.

Step 5: Install everything back on. If the LPR leaks after adjusting it, remove to adjuster and SLOWLY screw back in. Sometimes when you screw it in too hard, you can pinch the o-ring on one of the threads.
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