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Automag/Minimag and "stars"

Q: What is the difference between the Automag Classic, Minimag, RT and RT Pro?

Automag Classic: basic Automag, comes in standard feed and powerfeed. Standard A.I.R. valve, has one "free repair" star. Can run off co2 or HPA.

Minimag: Basically the same as an Automag. The body has been machined to give it an "assault pistol" look. Standard A.I.R. valve, with 4 repair stars. Comes with vertical tank adapter. Can run off co2 or HPA.

RT: Reactive Trigger Automag. Comes in powerfeed and vertical feed models. RT valve can only be run off HPA. Has hardline built to run air through the frame.

RT Pro: This is the cut down model of the RT. While different than the RT, it is still basically the same gun. It has no hardline and uses standard fittings to transport air.
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