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Business Name: Hogans Alley Piantball LLC.

Location: 998 North Colony Road, Meriden and 445 State Street, North Haven Conn.

Telephone Number: Meriden203 238 2875, North Haven 203 288 2476


Registration Fee: $10

Rental Equiptment Fee: Tippmann $25, Impulse $35, rental includes mask, revolution hopper, co2 tank, and 200 rds.

Fill Stations: both CO2, $2 a fill and HPA, $1/kpsi

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: marbs/70, proball/70, teamcolors/60, competition/50, big ball/60, pmi/ premium/60.

Styles of Play Available: speedball, hyperball, spool, and woods all available, with many of each style fields.

Comments/Conculsions:great store great staff great prices, the best in ct in my opinion.
i hate loctite
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well this one time I had a girlfriend. Oh god I can't lie to you guys, this never happened.

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