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He shot his legs till he couldn't run anymore? Damn that is funny! Seriously, though, I just have a friend keep an eye on it or I carry it around with me....But I like the idea with the metal suitcase thing. I think I might just get one.
There is a fine line between bravery and stupidity. And I'm standing on it.

Green 2K3 VF Cocker Red Worrblade chrome CP Short Reg and Flame Drop, Stainless KAPP ball detent Evil Pipe,Egg II, Pure Energy 72/30.

Backup: (The Urbanizer)
Spyder Sonix, 2L Coke bottle hopper, upgrading to 9v coke bottle, 20 oz backup Coke bottle hopper. Cardboard: "bodykit", grips/foregrip, 104 ct. hopper.
Black chrome (electrical tape )Duct tape accents on the trigger/guard, foregrip and on coke bottle, popsicle stick trigger.
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