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Originally posted by uthanak2323
2 questions:

1. what happens if you do use green, red, or black lock-tite?

2. what can wrapping too mcuh teflon tape do to your fittings/ marker? i thoguht it ran on the duct tape rule : can never use too much
1) As a rule, blue loctite (which if I remember correctly is broken down by heat) is what you want to use on fittings. The other loctites are for high stress applications (read: hundreds of pounds of pressure/almost constant use), and will only break down with time or a solvent, the latter of which you are not going to be able to use, since you sealed the fitting.

2) The duct tape rule is good...but with everthing, only good up to a point. Too much telfon tape may cause the fitting to put too much pressure on the threads, cutting through the tape, and thereby making an incredible mess. The other possability is that using too much tape will cause a messy job, and you will have little pieces of it overhanging into the air flow; this will cause them to [most likely] rip off and take a one way ticket through your marker...which will almost certainly damage the valve (which [the stock valve] runs at least $25-30 to replace on most markers), and may also block passages.

The moral of the story is that teflon tape=good, but too much is very bad. Two, at most three, wraps around the fitting in the opposite direction of the threads is best. If you don't put it in opposite the threads, you have just defeated the purpose of using it...which is to make a seal; as you turn the fitting in (with the tape opposite the threads), you are pushing the tape into the threading and creating an almost flawless seal.
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