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TY! Come Again.
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I like the make ur marker ugly idea, I dont mind roughing it up a little, take some sandpaper to it, or some house paint, with my own little wtf, freaky, odd, personal annodizing. I honestly dont care what my gun looks like, and any marker I am going to buy, is going to be expensive, but not anything stupid like an Angel (anything) or a Bob Long (anything) or a Bonebreak (anything) because I dont like wasting my money...I would rather buy a gun thats not all milled and pretty and is going to attract a bunch of people..."Hey guys, look at this, its an Angel iR3"...or..."Hey guys, look at this hes got a Cocker". I personally have a Classic Impulse thats hooked up quite nicely, and yea sure, its not the lightest gun in the world, but either are Angels, or a lot of other guns. To keep a long story short (, and to avoid a "riot")... Im not materialistic, yes...guns do have a role in player im gonna spend atleast $400 and not get all crazy and spend a grand on sumtin that i could buy for 350-400 (impulse) and upgrade it to the equivelant of most markers out there... Your guns shouldnt be stolen should take care of w/e u bring to the field...lock ur left over crap in the car, if u need it, push the little button thingy on ur remote, or turn the darn key, this problem is easily avoidable...this forum leans more towards..."Hey I lost this" or "Hey I found this, whats my reward?". Not a bunch of garbage about..."Hey, do this if u dont want ur marker stolen." I know half the reason people even bring all their markers out and put them on their tables or w/e they do with them is just to show all the people what neat and exciting stuff they have! You off to their buddies, or try to intimidate the people with Spyders, or w/e... I used to have a spider shutter, with a stainles steel all american barrel (which was insanely heavy)...anyways, I took off the Beaver Tail, and I was shocked to see how many people asked me "how do u like that cocker?" I would look over my shoulder, and eventually notice they were talking to me... and reply with "You mean my Shutter?" Its suprising how fast that reply can end a sweet little conversation. Ok, for all u people who take ur stuff out and show it off to whoever ur trying to impress, I hope it gets stolen by some little kid, who has a Pirahna.

G'day Mates!

- Silent

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