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TY! Come Again.
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Haha...u think if u have an angel, or a cocker, and some little kid, or some punk teenager, or some old sorry adult isnt gonna be jealous? Man...people get stuff stolen all the time, maybe its just bad where I am...but I hear it all the time, and I wouldnt be surprised If ive actually seen it happen, and was just sucks, and its unfair, but thats life. I used to play at Pevs in Woodbridge, then it got moved to AG...played one tourney there, got fourth. Fourth isnt that great, but the two guys on my team I just met at school, and they really showed improvement, so I was happy with it. Anyways, on a more polite note...people should keep track of their stuff, and for all u who actally do get your equipment sorry, thats gotta suck.


P.S. Halo2 made 150 million in 24 hours...that means they sold just under 3 million copies...congrats to those guys.

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