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Exclamation New Rule - ALL members please read!!!

To ALL PBReview members:

Effective immediately, comments such as "Drink Bleach", "Die, just die", "End yourself", and the like, will no longer be acceptable here at PBReview.
The reason for this new change is simple. We've received many complaints from other members, parents, and company reps that find it completely disturbing that members here tell each other to harm themselves over questions/statements that are not agreed with. The Staff of PBR agrees that this behavior is demeaning to the members here, PBR as a whole, and the overall view of paintball players in general.
Violators of this new rule will receive ONE warning and one warning only. A second offense will result in immediate termination of your account and you will be permanently banned.

Any questions, feel free to PM any Mod or Super.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
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