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yes, i also suggest keeping the rebel, and most other people will tell you the same thing. your wife's in for a suprise when you start spending a couple hundred bucks a month to go play .

but my friend had a samuri (Brass Eagle) and it chopped balls like crazy, so he bought a raptor(brass eagle) that was okay until he started to shoot it for prolonged periods of time, also it was very very shiny and looked like a brick so he returned it (we play in the woods), and now he has a spyder 1, which he loves alot, he's put a new expansion chamber on it and is planning on getting a new barrel soon.

so i would say stay with the rebel, because you can get lots of cool stuff for it and no one will bash you for having a BE.
although i personally don't bash anyone no matter what gun they have, its the player that makes the gun.

oh and as for bps, the raptor is CAPABLE read* Capable of cycling 10 balls per second, but in reality the trigger pull is too hard to achieve any more than 4. while the rebel on the other hand, is known as having the shortest trigger pull of the low end blowbacks. 6 bps is what anyone can shoot with the rebel, i've been clocked pulling 8 (without a trigger job )

also, anyone else have a deluxe out there, and if they do, how hard is it to take out the pins in your trigger frame, for me its impossible, i think the only way to do it would be to put it in a clamp and beat it out with a chunk of titanium. when i try to use nails or allen wrenchs they just get bent out of shape.

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