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Alright here is my shocker with major ups:

Smart Parts Mini Flow LPR
Smart Parts Gauge
Smart Parts Stainless Steal Freak Back with SS inserts
Smart Parts Turbocharger Bolt with New Desingnz Firing Can and Free Flow Bolt Sleeve
Smart Parts 2004 Inline Max Flo
Smart Parts 2003 Vert Max Flo
New Desingz Stainless Steal Manifold
New Desingz ASA
New Desingz Talon Grip

Not Seen:
Lucid Paintball Carbon Fiber Roller Bearing Double Trgger
AKA 2 Liter Reg

Soon to come:
Logic V-S Vert Frame
One of the new boards coming out (Anderson, Advantage, or Ydna board)
Ydna Milling (if he ever does it)
Jed Paintball
For All Your Shocker Info

Eastern Paintball
For All Your SP Gun Mod Needs

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