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Business Name: New World of Paintball

Location: Inverness, Florida

Telephone Number: (352) 860-2360

Website: (Their store team, not their actual website)

Registration Fee: $10

Rental Equiptment Fee: $20 (Kind of high)

Fill Stations: CO2 & N2. CO2 goes for $4 per 20oz fill and lower than that the lower you go (it's been about a year since I've played using CO2, so...). N2 goes to 5000psi but only when the bulk tank is full, they don't have a compressor yet.

Fields Paint Available/ Fee: Shrapnel ($40\case), All-Stars ($55\case), Evil ($65\case)

Styles of Play Available: Only one SupAirBall field

Comments/Conculsions: An all around great place to play, but since it is still relatively new (opened in fall 2003) around here, and most people just play outlaw except the tourney ballers and people that don't really care for woods (they're the only ones that play here). Sometimes newbs come out and play, but that's because they probably think we've got more than one field here (I play here all the time and work for community service hours at the store). Not much of a tech setup at the field so if something goes down you need have your own toolbox and parts to fix it. If you've got a manual, they can fix most anything. As long as you've got these three things: manual, tools to fix problem, parts to replace bad ones, you're good to go.

I give it an 8 right now, but they're getting better and more & more people are coming out now on Sundays.

Hours: 10am-Dusk on Sundays year-round, rain or shine.
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