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the super-duper faq!

this is the sticky to end all stickies! once it's finished, this faq will link you to all the threads you'll ever need to read to learn about cockers. it's a faq, troubleshooting guide, and upgrades sticky all in one!

The Pneumatics
The Internals
The Other Parts
Electronic Autocockers

other great resources:

The Original Cocker FAQ
The E-Cocker FAQ
The Original Super FAQ
How to Build a Cocker
Timing a Cocker and How It Works
Barrels and Paint For Your Cocker
'03 Cocker Diagram
Timing Trainer Program
Cocker Contact Thread
A Guide to Upgrading Your Cocker - The New and Improved Upgrade Guide
Tuning the Reg/Sweetspotting
The Official Leak Thread
All About Bolts
Info and Specs on Electronic Cocker Frames
The Half-Cocker/Mid-Block information thread
Autococker screw threads
Air Systems Info

more to be added at a later date!

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