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Introduction to Bolts (feel free to add)

Many people find bolts to be an important upgrade to their cocker, and they are. After market bolts can contribute to your cocker in many different ways such as lowering the cocking mass (with the newer delrin bolts) and even preventing chopping all together (JAM bolts). Also, certain bolts are made better than others, using the same input pressure and giving a higher FPS output.

One of the most common myths about bolts are the different types of faces they have. Many people in the past believed that the venturi head would be "softer" on paint because of the porting it had. In reality, all this does is reduce the air flow. Open faced bolts are much better and more common these days.

Some people also believe that bolts increase range and accuracy. This is not true. The only things bolts can do are lower kick and increase efficiency. -spyderman

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