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I keep my stuff in a back pack. I don't take very much.

Change of Clothes
and thats about it.

I flip my mask up on my head, and I put my tank and hopper in the staging area. And I only use a little bit of paint each time. Maybe around 400-700. I don't use pods because I find I don't shoot enough.

Unless you use pods, only buy your paint a little at a time. If you have all of your extra paint, the chances of people stealing it are greater.
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Originally posted by El Kabong
Fact: Anyone that complains about friends being "whipped" has never had a girlfriend. They assume that any change in a schedule is a male sacrificing all he has to appease a demanding girlfriend. What they fail to understand is that anyone that has been with a woman would invariably prefer to make out in his back seat instead of watching his smelly friends play HALO and talk about boobs.
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