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Re: Rebel problems

Originally posted by iso2005
i need help. i have an electronic rebel btb and i have had problems with it since i got it last year. my first problem was that whenever i pulled the trigger the sear woudnt trip but i think that problem is fixed somewhat it still tends to do it from time to time. then awhile back it started leaking air from the asa. i got it sealed at a paintball shop but it still does it. and just this past weekend i went to play and i found that i couldnt get the gun to shoot over 200fps. i took it to the field owner and he field stripped the gun only to find that the pin that connects the hammer and the bolt is snapped in half. i have yet to play a full match with this gun (due to problems) since i got it last year for christmas. i have been thinking about trying to save up for an impy and selling the rebel. i could use all the help i could get and i would like to save the 500 bucks it would cost for the imp.
The sear not tripping is because of the battery. Are you using a rechargable 9.6v or just a 9v? Sometimes just the 9v doesn't cut it.

Teflon all of your hose's connectors. Change the oring on your tank.

Get a spyder spring kit so you can get the gun over 200 fps.
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